Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Book Addiction

I have to admit that I have an addiction, to books that is. I cannot go a week without purchasing and reading a new book. One of the best ways to get better at rendering and animation is to spend time reading and looking at other peoples work. This includes cartoons, movies and books.

My recent purchase is "How to get a Job in Computer Animation" from Ed Harriss. I have had a few e-mail exchanges from Ed recently and I look forward to the arrival of this new book later this week. If you are looking to get into the animation field then this book will share ideas and creative ways to help you break into this field. There is a free sample chapter and content from the book that is available on his website.

Another book that I would like to order is this digital fine art book from Expose. There is a page gallery available to see these great images as well. This is great work that I am impressed with.

If you are looking to increase your skills look at as many books, magazines and other related content as possible. Your eyes will pick up the small details that help these images stand out that in turn will make your own work better.

Happy Rendering...

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