Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Rendering Comparison

Steve pointed this link out comparing the results of several different programs on the same base scene.

The results are interesting among the users and programs but no matter what software is used it is only as good as the artist using the program. I replied back to a gentleman sometime back who asked which person he should hire to perform some visualization work. At that time he was hoping to base his decision on the software they planned to use and not their final result.

"From experience I can tell you that the software package/combination used will not automatically equal great results. Generally in my proposals I do not list the software I intend to use as that only confuses those who are making the final decision to proceed or not. For new clients I tend to share a few images showing different levels of quality and how that equates to terms they understand, namely "time" and "money". =) Then they make the choice of which level of detail they can afford with an understanding of the
time implications for each.

For repeat customers they understand what they are getting for their time and money and we can adjust to get most any look/style they wish to achieve. It takes a few projects with clients to get to this level of understanding but it is possible. If you have used any of these people in the past then you should have a good idea of what they are capable of.

There are exceptions to every rule, but unless they are giving you their working files when they are done so you can tweak, adjust, use, etc... then I would not let the software be the deciding factor. In the hands of the right people even the most rudimentary of tools can produce superb results." -bbt

happy rendering...



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