Thursday, April 14, 2005

Locking the AutoCAD SSM

For those using the Sheet Set Manager in AutoCAD 2006 one of the minor changes you may overlook from 2005 is the lock notification when a sheet file is in use by either yourself or another team member (see graphic below):

(*Note: this locking notification does not occur in ADT 2006)

Another useful item in regards to locking notification is that as the .DST file gets written to/updated briefly you will see a lock icon next to the sheet set name in the SSM when this occurs (see graphic below). If you see a green dot in the lock icon it means you have temporarily locked the DST file, if it is red it means another team member has it temporarily locked.

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Anonymous said...

Have a user using Sheet Set Manager. He is running into the problem that the green dot remains in the lock icon even after the .dst file has been written to. Where do you go in AutoCad to unlock .dst file?

Beau Turner on 7:32 PM said...

If the user refreshes (button at the bottom of the ssm), does this update?


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