Monday, May 07, 2007

GTD Outlook Plug-In

Matt pointed out that he has been using the GTD outlook plug-in and it is working pretty well. I have been pondering this for some time to help with my own implementation. For now with the upgrade to Vista I will be waiting until Mid-June for this to be available.

Once available I think I will go ahead and make the plunge. There is a trial version of this (though not for Vista, except possibly beta) available for you to test as well. I did test the demo version for a short period of time before my last machine quit, unfortunately not long enough to really get a feel for things. :(

If you have been using this or have something to offer on the subject, leave a comment.

Happy GTD'ing...


Anonymous said...

I love GTD but i was dissapointed with the plugin they released. It's overly complicated. I tried to write my own GTD Outlook Addin. it's similar, but much simpler.


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