Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Build of Revit for the leap year bug

In this post we mentioned an issue with the month of January 2008 and that Autodesk is aware and working on a fix. As it turns out it seems to be a leap year issue and fixes are available for Revit Architecture, Revit Structure & Revit MEP in the form of new builds (technically this is SP4 but the website lists them as SP3 for all products). You can install these if you are affected or wait until February where this will no longer be a problem... :)

The updates seem to be similar for each product line with a few minor additions for each product line. The snapshot below is taken from the web enhancement update list of fixes for Revit Architecture: Web Update SP3 build (20080101_2345):
  • Improves stability when editing groups, saving views/groups to the library or creating a new project withtemplate set to “None”.
  • Improves stability when upgrading or linking a project from Autodesk Revit Building 8.1/Revit Structure 2or older.
  • Allows the ability to array face-based families placed on a vertical face.
  • Allows the ability to maintain face-based instances on curved surfaces of a Revit link when the link isunloaded.
  • Improves stability when selecting sections.
  • Allows the ability to insert an electrical receptacle into a legend view.• Improves stability when accessing the Help menu in Revit Architecture on a computer with the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.
  • Improves stability when applying a view template to a sheet.
  • Improve the performance of a view when it contains many objects with overridden graphics by element.
Thanks Chuck for the notification and eyes on the build updates. :)



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