Thursday, October 30, 2003

Dwarf, no dwf

Technology has brought me around to make an honest effort of using the Autodesk .dwf format. After storyboarding a few positives that this will bring to the table, the first hurdle is to get my local repro company on board. Once successful the next step is to roll this out to other users. There seems to be quite a few people who are onboard already and I am late to the .dwf party, I will keep you posted on the progress. Giving some thought in regards to the use of .dwf as a way to archive submittals for the design process as the use of a multi-page .dwf can be created and give a smaller footprint than the actual drawings themselves.

I have been using .msi scripting for deployments of updates/extensions and just learned that in some cases when clicking on a .exe file you can browse to the install folder that is created to find a .msi file (when available). Thanks for the tip Shaan. In some cases you can also open up the .exe file with winzip to extract the needed contents.

Happy Rendering...

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