Thursday, March 04, 2004

Favorite AutoCAD 2005 Feature #2

AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager.... For those who have been using ADT 2004 this feature is similar to the Project Navigator. For those who have not had the exposure to this yet, once you start using this feature you will wonder how you ever worked without it.

What exactly are Sheet Sets? Great question, this is a way for your multiple drawing project sheet files to be managed and organized in one location for all users on a "project" to see and use. No need to worry about xrefs, directories/sub-directories, what files go where, etc... To get started with Sheet Sets you can turn this feature on using either Ctrl + 4 or going under Tools>>Sheet Set Manager.

At this point you can either import your existing layout(s) from any drawing into a sheet set as a numbered sheet or use the Create Sheet Set wizard to start generating your Sheet Set from any of several pre-defined templates (Architectural, Civil and Manufacturing both imperial and metric for each) or use your own custom set-ups.

5 things interesting about the Sheet Set Manager:

1. Integration with Fields (in case you have not noticed I love what fields have to offer!!!).

2. Drag and drop your model space views from your resource drawings directly to your sheets without worrying about xref's.

3. Sheet subsets for organization by discipline or other method you choose.

4. Sheet list table. Probably one of the coolest/quickest methods for generating an index listing of all the sheets in your drawing set.

5. The ability to publish your entire drawing set, or subset category, eTransmit and/or archive by right clicking (wait until you use background plotting).

6. Ok, I lied one more item, numbering and sheet naming along with the ability to change these on the fly at any time. Again you can reference information using fields (think about the sheet title, input it once when you create your sheet and have it fill in your titleblock via fields).

I could go on and on about how useful the Sheet Set Manager is but as I was outlining the list of items I wanted to share and discuss, both in this blog and at my lug, it was pretty hard to narrow down the list to just these few items listed above. With so many uses and possibilities for Sheet Sets everyone from the inexperienced to the guru of your office will find this a great feature that will change the way you work.

happy cadding...

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