Tuesday, June 29, 2004

ADT 2005 Installation Update

For those interested the agenda for the next two days is focusing on the following items:

1. Updating custom Design Center content. Really easy and straighforward. I particulary like the directory and content structure (introduced in 2004) from earlier versions as this makes much more sense. My custom stuff fits perfectly in these modules with only a few additional sub-directories.

2. Migrating existing property set definitions from an older release to work seamlessly with 2005. This is the bulk of the work to ensure that legacy projects migrate seamlessly into the new release.

With this of course are all the tags, schedules and more. One item I am looking forward to being able to finally take advantage of is the many improvements/additions to PSD's such as Formula properties, Location properties, Classification properties, Material properties and of course Project properties too…

Combining PSD’s with scheduling and classifications make this an incredible way to report/return needed data in many forms. If you are not sure what these are or how they work and would like to see some examples posted here let me know.

This is powerful stuff...



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