Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Daylight System - Adding Locations

If you have ever used the daylight system in Viz Render, Viz and/or Max before you may have noticed there is a good selection of city/locations to choose from. This list does not include every possible location and if you have a site specific latitude/longitude that is required you can easily add additional locations to this list.

To accomplish this browse to the following folder (choose applicable software):

VIZ Render (ADT 2005):
C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Autodesk\ADT 2005\enu\VIZRender\PLugCFG

VIZ 2005:
\Autodesk VIZ 2005\plugcfg

Max 6:

Open the sitename.txt file in the location(s) given above and add the specific latitude/longitude you desire. This will now be included in your list of locations.

Tip above based on a reminder from Jim Smell (look for Mastering Viz Render in stores later this year).

happy rendering...


Risum on 4:19 AM said...

Hi Beau

I'm new to ADT 2005 and VizRender (2 months), but working hard to master both. I'm building an interior-library in order to drag'n and drop-draw 3d interiordesign for customers very fast. Most of these will end up in singleline drawings and some will be linked to VizRender for further visualisation. I need some good literature on VizRender and you mentioned 'Mastering VizRender' which sounds just like what I need...but when will it be available? Got some tips on tutorials I could chew in the meanwhile...find them a little hard to discover.

Sincerely from Denmark - Morten

Beau Turner on 9:21 AM said...


Thank you for your comments. The book by Jim and Paul, is due to ship November 15, 2004 and is available for pre-order from:

If you run into any specific issues and need some support the Autodesk Discussion Groups and Vizdepot are two great resources.

happy rendering...

Risum on 1:52 AM said...

Hi Beau

I'm familiar with the 2 resources you mention and I've ordered the books 'Mastering Architectual Desktop 2005' and 'Mastering Viz Render' via Amazon. I'm looking forward to dig into it...

From the top of Denmark


Risum on 1:54 AM said...

By the way...Thanks!


Beau Turner on 9:27 AM said...


Quite welcome! I look forward to seeing some of your work posted to the forums. =)

happy rendering...

Risum on 7:22 AM said...

Hi Beau

Yeah, I'll definetely post some when the time comes. Learn how to crawl first...

By the way, maybe I should have postet this in a forum...But after reading your article 'WorkFlow - modeling' I'm beginning to wonder if I should build my inventory with ADT objects like walls, slabs, etc, in order to visualize a lot easier in VizRender instead of how I do now. Right now I'm converting (already-build) 3d-solids to mass-elements and assigning materials in ADT (made from VisR) and then linking to VizR. But I can't control the materials in VizR. For example, the same material glues to both cabinets and tabletops al though I assign differently...

I'm even wondering if I should work in Inventor instead?

Any coments on this issue from an expert like you would be great.

Cheers from Denmark


Anonymous said...

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