Monday, September 27, 2004


What an awesome and great week this has been and I have quite a bit of items to share/post. Currently I am taking a break from my vacation in upstate New York this week for a 2 day trip to DesMoines for some ADT consulting.

Along the drive to New York it has been nice to observe and use the many wi-fi spots that are available. It all started as we drove from Virginia in the beast, at one of the rest stops along the way we noticed a sign for free wi-fi access. Later along the way somewhere in PA. we decided to stop for a hotel close to the exit was 4 of the local hotels with advertisement for free wi-fi, which worked quite well.

While I am waiting to fly out of Syracuse the wi-fi coverage from T-Mobile is working great and consistent. I am looking to try out another option for remote areas too; any suggestions?

Besides the wi-fi availability I would be silly if I did not mention how beautiful it was to see the colors of the leaves changing from green still in Virginia to the many vibrant colors of autumn in New York. I will post a few pictures later in the week. Next trip I plan to do some hiking to a few large windmills that I just heard about.

Also if there is any cad and/or visualizaiton people in DesMoines who are interested in getting together to eat and chat on Tuesday evening (9/28/04) send me an e-mail with your name and telephone I can reach you at, should be a lot of fun. Last time I was there I met with a small group of cad users who wanted to discuss ADT workflow for construction documents, the topic of the evening is still open... =)

happy cadding...



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