Tuesday, December 14, 2004

St. Louis

While traveling through many different parts of the country I typically try to have dinner with a few cad and/or visualization folks to chat (geek out) when time permits. I will be in the St. Louis area for a few days; if you are interested in getting together for dinner on 12/16 drop me an e-mail.

These are always very informal sessions, lots of fun and offer a chance to meet other users in your area with related interests. Also for those that are not aware there is a local users group in this area too, but no meetings planned during this timeframe.


Anonymous said...

beau, would love the chance to geek out with you. ;) will give you a call (already sent you an email with my #). melanie (mstone@gatewayaug.com) I'll see what I can do to get some others there, don't hold your breath, though. ;)

Beau Turner on 4:32 PM said...


Looking forward to it. I may have a few other people join us as well, will confirm with them shortly.

Anyone else in the area is more than welcome to join us. We will let you know where we plan to meetup shortly.

happy cadding...

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