Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Waiting on the Storm

Current Hurricane Isabel conditions are 110mph with gusts to 135mph about . The oceanfront seas are still relatively calm right now. I have been in my fair share of hurricanes and flooding, but for those that have not even if the eye does not directly pass over you the storm winds still extend out pretty far. In the case of this storm the winds extend out 150 miles +/- from the center.

If the center passes near you the other items to worry about is micro-bursts, which are several small tornadoes around the eyewall. I remember seeing the microbursts from Hurrican Emily in '94 while living on Hatteras Island. There was an area that just shredded and twisted several trees. I distinctly remember a 2x4 that was lodged like a spear in a good sized tree.

Today's planning is making final preparations and executing a business continuity plan for work and home. I will try to provide one or two more updates before going offline for a day or so. In the meantime here are a few links to keep up to date with:

National Hurricane Center
Probabilities of Landfall
5-Day Forecast Track
Hurricane Evacuation Routes
Storm Surge Maps

More soon...

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