Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Tools of the Trade - VIZ Render

While working in the digital visualization field there are many programs available for you to use for production work. With my main focus on architecture, the use of Architectural Desktop for all phases of work from conceptual design to construction documents has become a large part of my design tools for the past few years. With this in mind it makes sense to use the tools available within this program, one such tool that was added with the release of ADT2004 is VIZ Render.

For those with some experience with VIZ/Max this is not a replacement for the advanced tools/features that these products have to offer, but this software is a good start for the user who would like a decent rendering to explore design options, lighting and materials with ease.

The more I teach/speak/write about rendering the more feedback I receive from users who want to learn about visualization but are unsure where to begin. This past week I have been focused on testing/training with VIZ Render for use as a tool for the general user/designer. While no software is ever the "Total Package" ADT and VIZ Render can help to bridge the learning curve for the beginning to intermediate user.

Of course I would not leave you without a few links for a better understanding of VIZ Render:

1. First and foremost the help files in ADT/VIZR and on the CD are great. Take advantage of them.

2. Steven Papke has put together a good article.

3. Nancy Fulton offers a good tutorial available here.

Happy Rendering...

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