Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Preset Materials

Like many of you reading this I have work to do. What I mean by this is that in order to get paid I need to complete and deliver projects. I have a standard library of materials, scenes and settings that are used, re-used and updated as new materials get added/created for each job. Not everyone starting out has this luxury of a few years experience and many created textures/materials. What's a new user supposed to do?

For those of you just starting out with VIZ/Max, there is a new material type that will make life easier for use in Architectural renderings, it is the "Architectural" material. For those currently using VIZRender and Max 6 you have access to this, VIZ users will have to wait until the next release (first quarter of 2004). Why is this good for beginning users? With the many settings available to use in VIZ/Max it can seem overwhelming, believe me I know I have been where you are now.

The Architectural Material has a "template" to use for many common items (Ceramic Tile, Fabric, Glass, Masonry, Metal, Paint, Paper, Stone, Water, Wood and more) that will get you started with realistic looking materials that you can adjust to match your particular project needs. For VIZRender users this is your only Material Shader choice, for Max users you still have access to the same Material choices as before along with this one addition.

Happy Rendering in 2004...

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