Tuesday, February 24, 2004


I have been diving deeper into MAXScripting over the past few evenings with the help of John Wainwrights MAXscript 101, Maxscript and the SDK for MAX and of course good old fashioned real world need and experience.

While still learning the ins/outs of MXS it has already saved countless hours in repetitive tasks. In many ways it reminds me of a blend of AutoCAD scripting and Lisp/Visual Lisp. Simple enough for anyone to start with and enough power to do most anything (including your own plug-ins).

Hopefully Steven and I can get some more scripts and tutorials written over the next few weeks to get the VIZ community aware of how powerful this can be.

While on the subject of MXS and coding, I need to give a big thanks to Dave Espinosa-Aguilar (Autodesk and Toxic Frog Multimedia) for the great class at this past Autodesk University and the push to get into MAXScripting. Speaking of Toxic Frog it looks like the new website is coming soon with plenty of links for visitors and more.....

happy coding...

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