Saturday, February 14, 2004

Render me Red

Happy Valentines Day all.

Recently we moved the EVAUG website to a new host and are now with Frank Zander at Corbimite. The move make it possible for info to be updated most anytime by our web authors. The new e-mail addresses have been updated and now the site cleaning begins. Stayed up way to late updating the site contents and publishing the first few sections for a partial site change. This will tie into the interface change we are planning, for now this is just a face lift.

Based on a response from Frank, I played around with FrontPage 2003 for the first time since release 2000 last night, but I still prefer Dreamweaver. Though the interface is simple, there are just some tools in DW that I prefer for production work, not to mention interfacing with Fireworks and Flash.

Now back to getting some rendering and a coding tutorial done for MXS.

happy valentines day...


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