Saturday, February 07, 2004


I was updating my own personal links to sites and resources that I find especially useful to share and ran across a CG resource from Neil Blevins that you may wish to review as well.

I have to give big props to the ADT development team as they continue to advance ADT to a useful product both in construction documents and as a modeling tool. One item that I find especially useful and love to share with others is property set definitions (PSD's), scheduling and formulas. Okay that's three items but they are heavily related to each other.

Starting with ADT2004 the use of formula's and VBScript snippets allow most anything to be done and reported with schedules. If you have not reviewed the use of scheduling you should spend some time in the help/tutorial files. Also be sure to check out the Property Data Enhancement from Scott Arvin (with Autodesk) and the Scheduling FAQ from William Fitzpatrick (with Autodesk) for a more indepth understanding.

happy cadding....

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