Monday, January 24, 2005

ADT or ACAD object? How to tell...

For those just beginning with ADT who sometime draw using linework instead of AEC objects in a few "complex" areas or those who get drawings that are a mix of entities (AEC & Acad primitives) you may be looking for a way to visually isolate these. If you fall into one of these categories above then the ADT team has a solution for you:

The command you are looking for is called Visual Audit (AecVisualAudit), and can be found on the CAD Manager pulldown. What you do not have the CAD Manager pulldown? For that you may need to turn this on by going to Window>>Pulldown>>CAD Manager Pulldown.

Note: This command temporarily turns off the display of all AEC Objects as well as text (dtext, mtext), leaders and dimensions. Once started if you press ESC, ENTER or mouse-click you will end the command. For those with a wheel mouse you can zoom in/out and pan to view the non-aec entities on the screen.

happy cadding...

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