Tuesday, February 24, 2004


I have been diving deeper into MAXScripting over the past few evenings with the help of John Wainwrights MAXscript 101, Maxscript and the SDK for MAX and of course good old fashioned real world need and experience.

While still learning the ins/outs of MXS it has already saved countless hours in repetitive tasks. In many ways it reminds me of a blend of AutoCAD scripting and Lisp/Visual Lisp. Simple enough for anyone to start with and enough power to do most anything (including your own plug-ins).

Hopefully Steven and I can get some more scripts and tutorials written over the next few weeks to get the VIZ community aware of how powerful this can be.

While on the subject of MXS and coding, I need to give a big thanks to Dave Espinosa-Aguilar (Autodesk and Toxic Frog Multimedia) for the great class at this past Autodesk University and the push to get into MAXScripting. Speaking of Toxic Frog it looks like the new website is coming soon with plenty of links for visitors and more.....

happy coding...

Welcome fellow blogger....

Chris Yanchar (ADT Product Designer and notable Brain Dump host) now has his new web presence up and running here.

I look forward to what Chris has to offer and share with everyone through this resource. Keep up the great work!!!

happy blogging...

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

New Releases

Well is's official AutoCAD LT 2005, AutoCAD 2005 and Architectural Desktop 2005 are on the way. I will leave it to the great responses and posts of others to explain some of the many benefits.

Shaan Hurley, Lee Ambrosius, Terry Dotson and many others on the way.....

happy cadding...

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Render me Red

Happy Valentines Day all.

Recently we moved the EVAUG website to a new host and are now with Frank Zander at Corbimite. The move make it possible for info to be updated most anytime by our web authors. The new e-mail addresses have been updated and now the site cleaning begins. Stayed up way to late updating the site contents and publishing the first few sections for a partial site change. This will tie into the interface change we are planning, for now this is just a face lift.

Based on a response from Frank, I played around with FrontPage 2003 for the first time since release 2000 last night, but I still prefer Dreamweaver. Though the interface is simple, there are just some tools in DW that I prefer for production work, not to mention interfacing with Fireworks and Flash.

Now back to getting some rendering and a coding tutorial done for MXS.

happy valentines day...

Monday, February 09, 2004

Highs and Lows

Its amazing that some days can seem to be a drudge then a series of events happen that instead of getting you down actually make you laugh and appreciate what you have. Today was one of them for me. I will not share the whole crazy ordeal with you but I can say that I have a large smile on my face before bed thanks to good friends and of course my beautiful wife. :)

Currently testing a Linux distro called Knoppix that has me impressed so far. I have always used windows for my production and private work, but the UNIX concept and customization intrigues me. A good friend once said that Linux is like AutoCAD in that it is customizable. As much as I like to use, customize, enhance, tweak, code and more with AutoCAD/ADT I look forward to seeing what can be done with this.

Code wise between last night and earlier this evening I got the latest .vbs admin routine working with some help from Jimmy B. There are quite a few items on his site for AutoCAD 2004 users that you should check out, not to mention the JTB FlexReport tool.

Well thats just the tip of the iceberg of things to come soon.

stay happy and keep up the great work....

Saturday, February 07, 2004


I was updating my own personal links to sites and resources that I find especially useful to share and ran across a CG resource from Neil Blevins that you may wish to review as well.

I have to give big props to the ADT development team as they continue to advance ADT to a useful product both in construction documents and as a modeling tool. One item that I find especially useful and love to share with others is property set definitions (PSD's), scheduling and formulas. Okay that's three items but they are heavily related to each other.

Starting with ADT2004 the use of formula's and VBScript snippets allow most anything to be done and reported with schedules. If you have not reviewed the use of scheduling you should spend some time in the help/tutorial files. Also be sure to check out the Property Data Enhancement from Scott Arvin (with Autodesk) and the Scheduling FAQ from William Fitzpatrick (with Autodesk) for a more indepth understanding.

happy cadding....

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Sharp like a pencil

No its the Dullest Blog in the World.

This is by far one of the funniest sites I have seen in a while. Thanks Kurt.

happy blogging...

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

He Lives.....

What a busy week, after a security issue on the local home network we are now fully back up. After having been quiet for the past few weeks due to some personal/professional obligations my writing time is back and for those wondering the snowboarding trip a few days ago was great!

Recently received MaxScript 101 by John Wainwright. This is one of the best multi-media presentations I have seen to date. Well put together, well throught out and its from the guy who created the MaxScript language. I have been putting my head down and learning MaxScripting with a focus for VIZ and this is a great tool to complete your resource programming kit.

happy scripting...

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