Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Google Earth + Revit

For those using Google Earth and Revit; the Revit Earth Connector has now been released allowing you to take your Revit Model directly into Google Earth. More information about the Earth Connector can be found here.

Download the Revit Earth Connector here.

happy Revit'eering...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Revit Warning Review

This is a great tip often overlooked for Revit users.

When working with Revit we get the Warning message that pops up, similar to the example below (this one was due to 2 door marks having the same number).

Most of the time we may have a reason for ignoring the warning, other times we may have just clicked away from the warning or had it disappear from the screen. The good news is you can easily review these warnings at any point. To do this go to the following pulldown: Tools>>Review Warnings

If your Review Warnings is greyed out it means you have no warnings at this time. This can be a good opportunity to review projects that are underway to make sure there are no issues that need attention.

Happy Revit'eering...

Energy Analysis w/ Revit & Green Building Studio

Have you ever wondered the energy consumtion of your design? Have you ever wondered the energy delta between two different design options? With Autodesk Revit & Green Building Studio you can easily export your drawing and run an energy audit and even compare different design options. Green Building Studio can be accessed at Your first step should be to download the GBS client from the website and complete the registration process from the website as well. From Revit you then simply need to export your Revit model into gbxml format. This can be done from the menu File --> Export --> gbXML.

Take caution that there are no errors on export of the gbXML file, as errors exporting will likely lead to a failed energy analyis or erroneous results. Your next step is to go back to the Green Building Studio website and create a new project, this is web based and needs to be completed before opening the GBS client. Once the project is created and definitions set, open the GBS client. You should at that point see the project you just created in the Project dialog.

At this point you want to chose the Select gbXML File and browse to where the gbXML file you exported from Revit is located. Once the gbXML file has been selected choose the Get Results for Above File box and viola, you have an instantaneous approximate energy analysis of your design.

This article is intended to be a basic walk tru of the Green Building Studio process. I will follow future posts with some more in-depth articles and options that are available with this powerful tool. Version 2.0 of Green Building Studio was just released last month.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

2006 FIFA World Cup Soccer and Autodesk

The FIFA World Cup is a large soccer/football tournament that occurs every 4 years. It is also one of the largest viewed events worldwide. This year the world cup is also being televised in HDTV format for the first time.

If you have been watching, chances are that you have seen content and commercials that were touched by an autodesk product. Rough overview of products include: Maya, Inferno, Flame, Smoke and Combusition. The original article can be found here.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Autodesk Showcases Online Center for Sustainability

Autodesk has released an Online Center for Sustainability to correlate with the mini series they are sponsoring on PBS called design:e2. The web site can be found at The site is still relatively small, but it does provide different areas for people in green building, stories about green building, and a resource section with links to some external green building information. This is basically an introductory site for Sustainability but it does show that Autodesk is truly going to be Driving the Green Bim Highway. Autodesk is also sponsoring Design: e2 (the economies of being environmentally conscious), narrated by Brad Pitt and aired on PBS. This mini series covers green building and sustinability in a 6 part series. You can check listings at

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