Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day... And the Revit API


Happy Earth Day to everyone as we all strive to create our sustainable future. With that, the new releases of Revit are being unvailed and we are seeing greater flexibility and maturation of the API.

What is the API and why is it green?

API stands for Application Programmable Interface. It essentially is the plug that allows any third party to tap into Revit to utilize or manipulate the information and components of a Revit Building Information Model. The Revit API is shaping up to play a crucial role in analyzing BIM data for sustainable design purposes. The upcoming release of Revit Systems utilizes the API to synchronize directly with IES to analyze ASHARE loads calculations, annual thermal simulation, and Daylighting Assesment. (I will have much more to come on IES and Revit). The API is ultimately what is going to allow external tools to access our BIM data and streamline the analysis of the building that is essential in its design. You can find in depth information on the Revit API and what is new in the upcoming release at the Cad Application Development Blog. This blog is written by Matt Mason who is the Director of Software Development at Avatech Solutions. Matt has also created the Avatech Earth Connector, a Revit plugin that allows you to export your Revit model directly into Google Earth.

The Revit API is going to play a major role in the ability of third party analysis tools to access our BIM data to develop powerful streamlined tools that we can use to analyze our designs at all stages that allow us to make prudent decisions in regards to sustainability. With the continued development of the Revit API I believe that we will see more integration with advanced tools such as IES and many other technologies to come.

Happy Earth Day!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Google Fools Day

Googles April Fools Day TiSP - wireless internet access via your home commode

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