Saturday, August 30, 2003

Catching Up

Before I continue any further I have to give another big thanks to the blogger team as I had another issue that I wanted to resolve and they immediately responded back with an explanation and support. 2 days later you now see no ad on the blog page. Thanks Kimmy (again). I have had a great experience and your customer service is top notch.

The daily battle of getting control back over my inbox has been going well. I have been using the iHateSpam program for the past month. Before this my daily spam catches were exceeding 120 each day. Up to this point I have only had 2 semi-important emails that were quarantined with this program, which is by far better than what some of the other products I tested. Once you take the time to "train" this software what is spam and what is not, the rest takes place behind the scenes. One feature that I am impressed with is the bounce option. This will generate a bounced message back to the sender (keeping in mind that some addresses do not permit replies) and will help to get you off the spammers list. I definately give them a thumbs up for a great program. As with all products the real test is tech support, and I have had 2 items that were both resolved within 2 hours by e-mail.

Happy Rendering...

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