Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Design Visualization - re-learning lessons through the years

You often hear the term "photo-realistic" in regards to renderings and visualization services that are offered. Now with a resurgance in my personal life I have been inspired to go back and rediscover freehand sketching as my work feels incomplete without this process. Without storyboarding your ideas or pre-thinking your views you are probably modeling unneeded geometry. This additional time costs money, both to you and your clients.

The use of freehand sketching by itself is a true artform that most individuals involved in visualization services seem to be forgetting (myself included). Whether you decide to sketch on a pad, napkin or digital media the use of pre-planning is critical to your work. Consider how many prints have been made to pick the "money" shot by individuals who have not pre-planned the shot. Much of this could be avoided with the use of pre-thinking what your final deliverable will be.

Two closing thoughts I would like you to take away from this are:

1. Pre-planning sketches can help you to reduce the time you spend working.

2. In the end the use of software should be considered a tool in order to assist you in delivering your final product.

Happy Rendering...

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