Friday, August 22, 2003

The Never Ending Thrist of Digital Content

This post is being written using the demo version of Newz Crawler.  Currently I am researching/learning more about RSS feeds.  There seems to be a surge of individuals and sites that I visit that are using this technology.  With information freely available and without the hassle of spam in your inbox this is certaintly an area that you should at least be familiar with as this technology grows.

The EVAUG meeting last night was full of great conversation and tips for users of Excel and AutoCAD.  If you are fortunate enough to have a users group near you, for any software that you use on a regular basis, you should try to attend and support them.  This group has been a true benefit to me.  At the conclusion of each meeting I always walk away having learned something, at times I am able to help other users, other times they help me.

Currently working on a new animation short for a competition due early next week.  Images to follow soon.

Happy Rendering...


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