Sunday, November 16, 2003

False promises

Ok, I lied the Triple D site received little work this weekend that is worth posting. Most of the intented changes will be navigation structure and full integration of CSS. Why no progress? Painting, water leak, furniture assembly and a small bit of remodeling. :)

With the upcoming birth of our son, my wife and I have taken to changing the layout of our house around. The nice thing is that we had one room that was used very little and now my old study has turned into an extra bedroom and I have a new base of operations for my tech and music gear.

It hardly seems like it but AU is coming up soon and we will be spending some extra time in the L.A./Long Beach area afterwards. If you plan to go and want to get together for a pint, send me an e-mail or look for us around the AUGI beer bust and/or other events.

Happy Rendering...

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