Tuesday, October 12, 2004

ADT Model Space View

For those utilizing named views (View>>Named Views...) in the Project Navigator within ADT there are several times that you may wish to see the boundary extents of each named view. To accomplish these there are a few ways to accomplish this:

1. Under View>>Named Views... you can select your named view and choose Edit Boundaries. This will allow you to specify a new rectangular boundary if you wish.

2. In the Project Navigator you can double click the named view to show the boundary (and the extents of the boundary) on your screen.

3. Use the undocumented command "showmodelspaceviews" to show all the named views in your drawing including their name (see example below).

happy cadding...


Anonymous said...

Hi Beau,

Always interesting to learn undocumented commands.... this is potentially a very nice one. I tried it for a named view which was set perpendicular to WCS.... it reported the view as being parallel to the WCS? What would be really neat is if this command created a persistent and editable view boundary much the same as we see in elevations etc.... let's hope.

Great blog, cheers, Cameron.


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