Monday, February 07, 2005

Mechanicsburg PA - AEC Geek Chat

Been back and forth across the country over the past month and this week in Mechanicsburg, PA (close to York and Harrisburg) and having a great time with a traveling companion on this trip, Brian Smith. Nothing but ADT and wi-fi fun as well as some great rendering related chats.

For anyone interested in getting together for an "AEC Geek Chat" (cad, visualization or related; AutoCAD, ADT, Viz, Max, etc...) on Thursday February 10, 2005 drop me an e-mail . We will formulate a plan/location to meet with everyone who responds by Wed. evening.

Also for anyone in South/Central PA, Bill Frederick is starting an AutoCAD Users Group in the York, PA area that you may be interested in attending. This is a great opportunity to get out an meet other cad users in your area with similar interests and to learn more at the same time. For more information contact Bill @

happy cadding...



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