Sunday, May 08, 2005

ADT/ABS 2006 - Rename and Renumber Sheets

A common procedure within the Project Navigator is the need to change the name/numbering of the sheet file. In past releases of ADT (2004/5) we had the option of renumbering the sheet by simply selecting the sheet>>right click and choosing the rename and renumber option.

In 2005 the fields feature was introduced allowing you to populate your titleblock with the associated data, which allows for better coordination. Unfortunately when renaming the sheet title this did not rename the associated .dwg file and lead to some confusion.

In 2006 there are two new options when renaming which include Renaming the associated .dwg file to match the sheet title and prefixing the sheet number to the file name.

happy BIM'ing...


RobiNZ on 9:37 AM said...

Do you have to tick these each time you rename. Seem to default to off here?

Beau Turner on 11:52 AM said...

the default is set to off :(

I will look to see where this value is held and if it is exposed for a user to set independantly.

Anonymous said...


When ever a sheet is opened using the project navigator, a dialogue box appears allowing you to Rename & Renumber.

I think I read somewhere that there is a system variable that can be turned to off to not allow that to appear.

Does anyone know what that might be?


Beau Turner on 3:23 PM said...

Instead of double clicking the name, try double clicking the small icon picture.


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