Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Revit Platform - Shortcut Keys

While spending a few days in Baltimore, MD after a short trip to Roanoke, VA last week with a great group of Autodesk product users I got posed a question in a follow-up to the AutoCAD platform Shortcut key post on ways to do something similar using the Revit platform.

The use of the keyboard shortcuts in most computers these days make can help to make you a bit quicker. For those who work with Revit you can customize these menu shortcut keys (keyboard accelerators) as the default ones you see are stored in a standard .txt file called KeyboardShortcuts.txt which can be easily edited.

You will find the KeyboardShortcuts.txt in the following location: C:\Program Files\Autodesk Revit Building (version)\Program\. Note: If you have installed Revit to another location you will find the file in the location you installed this to.

To modify this you need a standard .txt editor (Notepad is fine). Once open you will notice that each line begins with either a semi-colon (;) or starts with a quote ("). The ones that start with the semi-colon have not been customized, the entries without the semi-colon are customized items.

To add your own custom short keys for commands you can remove the semi-colon and enter a key combination between the parenthesis.

Ex. the move command uses the key combination "MC". To modify this to use another key combination you can use the following: "MO" menu:"Edit-Move". Save your file then restart your Revit session. Unfortunately there is no command similar to the REINIT in AutoCAD to keep from having to close your Revit session.

One other item you will notice once you restart is that not only does your new keyboard shortcut work but if you look in the pulldown menu's you will also see the new shortcut key combination listed next to each command you modified.

Happy Revit'ing...



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