Monday, October 15, 2007

Motorola Updates

A quick note for any folks with the following hardware:
Motorola Q
Motorola S9

Lets start with the Q noted above, I have had this device for the past year and have been disappointed with one single item: Battery life (especially compared to having to move from my blackberry). Well a few weeks ago I had a friend mention there was a BIOS update for the device that may help. Well after a few tweaks, restarts and activation the Q was updated.... Final report it is finally usable and if you are having the same problem update your BIOS with info from here.

Now on to the S9. I have been wanting to get a wireless bluetooth stereo headset for a few months now and with my battery problems solved above I finally ended up buying one (ok truth be told I ended up with 2 but thats another story). After using this for 2 work days and a weekend at home I have to say I am impressed.

S9 Positives: no wires, decent distance for talking, light and easy to use
S9 Negatives: laying in bed there is no good way to use them (just be warned)

Last item to note if you are looking to buy a S9 make sure you do not get a knock off (especially if purchasing from E-bay sellers).

happy to be mobile and wireless...



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