Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Revit Utilities - Silent Installation

If you are using the Avatech Revit Utilities there is an extra feature available to help you deploy this on your network for multiple users.

To do so use the following steps:
1. Download all the Avatech Revit Utilities (the .executables) into a centralized folder that all your users can access

2. Edit the “Avatech Utilities – Client Silent Install.bat” file to provide your user accessible network path (replace the section that says YourServerNameHere with your correct path) and save (available to download here rename from .txt to .bat)

3. Add the routine to your users start-up batch routine (may need IT to help you with that) or have your users manually install by distributing the .bat file.

This will install the ARU's for 2008, 2009 or any combination thereof. In the event you already have these loaded it will update/overwrite the previous one to use the new build.

The silent installation option is available starting with the following build numbers:
Change Case: Version 1.0.3032.25223
Earth Connector: Version 1.1.3054.15402
Revit Content Browser: Version 1.1.3086.36336
Room Renumber: Version 1.1.3066.26735
Door Mark Update: Version 1.0.3062.25810


Anonymous said...

Quite informative post. thank you.


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