Friday, October 23, 2009

Revit Model Review - Sharing Checks Quick Tip

Got a nice check file that you have created and now want to share with others in the office?  Maybe you have one you want to share with the world?  Either way if you have a check file and want to share it, others will need this quick tip to use it.

Check Files themselves use the .bcf file as their extension and by default are stored locally (default path: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Model Review 2010 for Revit 2010 and C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Model Review 2009 for Revit 2009.

The file that controls and shows this is the drop-downs and pre-defined flyouts is the .config file located in same directory as the default Check Files.  Actual filename is: ModelReview.config).  To add to this, use the Manage->Profile->Edit option.

The Description controls the "friendly name" that you see in the drop down and flyout menus, while the File Name is the actual path and location to the file (local, network, etc...).

BIM Manager Tip: If you use [BIM] in front of your filename it will use the default local path on the machine.

To add a new Check File, choose the add option and select the file and friendly name.

BIM Manager Tip: If you are looking to centralize your check files to a network location for your users, you can setup the config file as you want it to display (including ordering).  Next copy the .config file to each users installation folder (useful as a batch push) and when the users next go to use Model Review they will be working from the centralized set 

and that is how you can pass along files that you create and use Check Files that others have sent to you.  In tomorrows post I will be sharing a .bcf file for you to review and improve upon yourself.



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