Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Few Million Points: Scan to BIM Getting Started with Revit 2011

Scan to BIM is a product from IMAGINiT/Avatech Solutions with a fully functional 30 day free trial that you can use with Revit 2011 (Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP). Details for the monthly public webcast on Scan to BIM can be found here.

Getting started, if you have downloaded the Scan to BIM product (either free trial or purchased, in which case we say thanks!!!!) the next step is for you to get started using your own point clouds.  Let's try doing this with a video to walk through the concepts and details written out below:

Video Step by step:

Step by step:
  1. Using the Scan to BIM Administrator (Start Menu  IMAGINiT Technologies  Scan to BIM Administrator) you will need to import your point cloud using the file format(s): .pts/.ptx/.fls/.fws (new as of v1.1)
  2. Start by clicking the connect button in the upper right, which creates a connection to the database. Existing point clouds that have already been imported will be shown in the list at the bottom.
  3. To add to this list, start by choosing the Import Cloud button.
    1. Browse to the point cloud, select and choose OK
  4. Adjust the name, units and color options as needed
  5. Press the Pre-Scan button and when completed press the OK button.
Note: The time for the initial import process varies from a minute to longer for larger, more complex scans. Once completed you will receive a small dialog that lets you know the process is complete.
The Import is a one-time process that you use to take point cloud scans and convert to use for Autodesk Revit to Visualize and Interact inside of the Revit design environment (both Project and Family level, Concept Mass Family).  In the next post we will be covering some more details about the workflow once you get a scan imported and how to use with your own templates.  
Feedback is great and if you have a specific workflow or Scan To BIM question let us know in the comments.



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