Thursday, August 28, 2003

RSS Rocks

As mentioned before I spent that past weekend getting more familiar with RSS and XML now thanks to the original push from Chris, I have begun cutting down on many of the e-mail based publications that were being delivered to my inbox with those forward thinking companies and individuals who are generating RSS feeds.

With the addition of a news aggregator (of which there are many including both free and fee based versions) into my arsenal of tools I can control what information I wish to have at my finger tips.  Right now I see 14 breaking news items that just got published.  Unfortunately the CAD and Rendering world seem slow to adopt to using this technology as a means to deliver their information and/or ideas.  Are you listening out there? 

If you have an e-mail based publication that you send out, blog content that you wish to share, late breaking information for your product(s) or (insert your item here) then consider an RSS feed as this gives those who wish to receive your messages another way of doing so in a non-spammer like environment. 

Now I know what you are saying, How do I start this transition? 

1.  Read the information in the RSS and XML links above and here.  Spend some time researching this further to understand how this process work.

2.  Create an RSS feed based on what you learned in Step 1.

3.  Add an  link to your website, blog page, e-mail publication etc... and they will come.

4.  Reap the rewards of finding a way to reach others in a no-spam, no e-mail box filling way by embracing the future of digital publication.


Happy Rendering...


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