Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Desktop Capture

The desktop screen capture in the sidebar is courtesy of a fun free utility I have been playing with called SCWebcam.  Think of this as a combination of Snag-it and a webcam but for your computer desktop. 

Here are a couple of the listed features that I find very useful:
  • Automatic capture and FTP Upload with configurable timer
  • Improved configuration interface, and far more human-readable error messages
  • Saves image as JPG or PNG with variable quality, size, and thumbnail functionality. Choice of several image resize engines to balance quality with speed, and image can be sized by percentage or absolute pixel size
  • Optionally minimizes to the system tray, with visible countdown
  • Detects screen saver, locked workstation, and logoff/shutdown, and can upload an 'offline' image at those times
  • Capture can run in several reduced priority modes to minimize the impact to your system - good for games!
  • Autorun and Autostart available through configuration switches
  • Text caption with selectable font, color and location
  • Ability to capture the Desktop (including translucent windows), only the Active Window, and/or Still Video Frames from a Video-For-Windows compliant webcam or other capture device (such as TV card)
  • Ability to run in local mode without FTP upload step
  • Built-in WWW server - serve your desktop or even a small web page right from your own PC!
  • Full scripting system allows complete flexibility over the image processing and upload steps. Several sample scripts are provided for those not interested in writing their own.

    I plan to keep the images updating a few times daily and the webcam will be coming back soon...



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