Monday, July 26, 2004

Walking woes

Bad combination does this make:
1 pair new shoes (worn 3 days)
1 very rainy day
1 soccer match without substitutes

results = blisters with lacerations the size of silver dollars on both heels...

I will spare you the picture(s) but the skin got me thinking about the many different textures skin can take on.  Character modeling and rendering has so many additional items to worry about than straight architectural modeling and rendering...

And for your blister care try the following link.


Unknown on 1:19 PM said...

He's NOT lying... his heels look bad.
I saw something comparable on a 3D rendered ORK in Lord of the Rings!

Beau Turner on 1:33 PM said...

but on the plus side I got to wear flip flops to work all week. ;)


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