Wednesday, October 12, 2005

ADT - Applying Materials

When migrating older legacy styles and drawings forward, one of the more time consuming tasks is dealing with any program changes and/or new features. A good example of this would be migrating an existing wall style library from ADT 3.3 and lower to ADT 2006.

One of the best improvements for walls was the addition of materials to ADT 2004, giving us more "global" display control over the linework, plan, surface and section hatch as well as the sectioned body and boundary control. Unfortunately you may find that updating your existing library by going through each wall style and adding/editing the material definition to be time consuming. The good news is you can use the "Apply Material" tool to apply a particular material at the style level or object level quickly and easily.

You will find this tool on the Design tab of the tool palettes in ADT 2006, called "Material". To get a better idea of how this works, you may wish to review the Applying Materials video example.

happy BIM'ing...


Unknown on 7:44 AM said...

Very nice Beau.
Thanks to Mark Webb for passing the link on to some of us here at ADSK.

like you said...

"happy BIM'g"


Anonymous said...

Just to add to Beau's animation, he cut himself off before continuing to note that if you right click on the icon at the top of the Tool Properties palette you can Refresh the icon to use the new material, as seen in the Preview window.

Beau Turner on 10:24 AM said...

Thanks guys, this tool though as minor as it seems (mostly because it is overlooked) is extremely useful!

Good point about how to change the tool palette icon to actually show the new "material".

Pedro Aroso on 1:01 PM said...

Thank you Beau.

Pedro Aroso
Porto - Portugal

Anonymous said...

Which codec I is need to view this WMV?

I can't seem to view it with the media player 6 included with win2k (6)+ tons of codec packs (we don't upgrade any M$ software component unless forced too for security). :)

Beau Turner on 5:48 PM said...

You will need to use the Codec from Techsmith (

Anonymous said...

Thanks Beau.
I swore I had that one installed but I had not.


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