Monday, October 10, 2005

Triple D Design Wiki - Getting Started

This past week has brought about some good comments and feedback from numerous users who are embracing the idea of the Triple D Design Wiki. Here is a short video clip explaining how to get started.

The premise is quite simple, if you find a section you either wish to add/edit for further clarification all you need to do is select the edit button right next to the page sub-section. After adding/editing your text, add a small summary and choose the save option. Instantly your changes will be shown on the page.

If you have been troubled by the help files in the past or just wanted to participate in a unique community resource this is your chance. Why do I like this? Good question I will give you a three simple answers (ok #3 has multiple sub-items but I could not stop there):

  1. No knowledge of HTML needed for anyone to work with the site.
  2. Simplicity of the interface, if you need to edit a section choose the edit link.
  3. It is different than other resources out there, in that you get a true "living document" as a community resource.
  • E-mail is a form of communication from person to person. While good it does not reach everyone and can be hard to search and way too easy to delete.
  • A mailing list is a form of communication from one person to a group, but like the e-mail issues there a few unfortunate drawbacks.
  • Discussion forums are a form of communication from one person giving another person a chance to respond. While this is great in that the search feature can help find information, there is a lot of extra "junk" that one must wade through.

Over the past two years I have used the wiki engine in a number of ways; from personal and project related notes to cad manuals and more. This truly is a living document, spend a few moments running through the site to expand your knowledge and if you find a section that peaks your interest or particular skill set, take a moment to give back and help to make this community resource even better.

Phase II - Revit Building will be released within the next week, thanks to all those who have sent e-mails offering support and especially to Steve Stafford for helping to get the shell outlined and setup (not to mention moving the launch date up). :)

happy editing...


Anonymous said...

I am wondering why registration is required to view pages in the Triple D Design wiki? Making pages publicly visible would also increase visibility of the project (e.g. search engines would index more pages) and thus make it easier for people to find out about it and possibly join.


Beau Turner on 9:14 AM said...

this was due to the spamming of the site, we kept this open as long as possible but it became too frequent to address hence where we are. Once wikimedia has another solution in place we will turn this back to allowing anonymous edits.


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