Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Rendering Project Work Flow's

Funny how much this topic keeps coming up in conversations recently. I started a small post about this topic earlier this evening, but it has turned into 10 pages so far and could easily fill a book. So I need to cut back some information or break it up into several posts (the third alternative is to have any interested publishers contact me for a book deal). =)

For now I think I will break this topic up and cover a few key areas in detail.

As a start here are the programs I use for my "typical" workflow:
1. Architectual Desktop - A piece of software that can change the way you view production drawings/work forever (I will expand more on this later). In the meantime check out the new release of 2005, the AutoCAD and ADT team(s) have put out another amazing release of software that I cannot say enough good things about.

2. Autodesk VIZ/MAX - Need I say more? No really.

3. Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter - For 2d compositing, tweaking, textures etc.. both programs have their strengths and weaknesses. Together they are a great match.

I will be expanding on these items in regards to workflow for Architectural Visualization services soon.

happy rendering...

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