Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Work flow - First Steps

My specialty in renderings is with Architectural Visualization. I started out using AutoCAD many years ago so I come into the game with a deep knowledge of production drafting and the inner workings and customization of AutoCAD. Then along the way came Architectural Desktop which changed how I worked and viewed production drawings forever. We will get to that soon enough…

Let’s cover a quick overview of a “typical” project life cycle in the Visualization realm.
1. Receive a job with a need/reason for visualization services
a. Establish the needs and outline specifications for the completion of said job.
b. Modeling
c. Materials
d. Lighting
e. Output

So the first step is proper planning to accomplish your goal. Without this step you may be overworking yourself, always identify upfront what the scope of services and final deliverable will be then plan your work flow accordingly. This step helps to identify where a majority of your time and work should be spent. Items that will not be seen in your output may not need to be included which reduces your face count and will also keep your rendering times fast.

David Wright has some articles for you to read that share some great ideas and insight into the business and planning aspect of visualization services.

Next up modeling....

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