Saturday, April 10, 2004

Time for Updating

Had a small break of time last night thanks to being under the weather and insomnia. =)

With the freelance work picking up I took an opportunity to update the Triple D site. Noted improvements include; a new layout, content simplification to show our market focus, css integration to control the look across multiple pages for consistency and a few other goodies. There are still a few more items to complete in this phase that will be finished up in the next week. Of course the next phase is shaping up to be released in a few months (thanks to Miker the Biker for the discussion on this)!

Speaking of Miker the Biker, he has just launched his own freelance work site. If you are looking to have any "rendered" site plans, stop by his site to see what he has to offer. Best of luck on this new endeavor.

happy coding...

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