Sunday, May 23, 2004

Mobile Power

The search for a new notebook has ended and the final winner was a HP Compaq nx9110.

Of course this was enhanced by purchasing a few extra bits and pieces (ram, peripherals, etc...) and this thing rocks!!!

A note to anyone purchasing from Crucial:
I needed additional ram to take with me on a recent trip and with the free 2-day shipping offered I should have had plenty of time, with a week to spare from ordering before I had to leave it did not arrive.

Why you ask? If your shipping address does not match the credit card billing address it can take an additional week or more. This would have been nice to have known ahead of time as a large bulk of my time is spent at work and I get all my package deliveries sent there. What I recently found out is that you can have your credit card company add a secondary address to your account that will prevent this "security verification" from holding up the process.

While I have never had an issue with any other companies I purchase from regularly via the web, a Crucial rep said this was their standard practice. Getting the second address added to your credit card account is as simple as a phone call and if more companies are starting to use this method then it will certainly help your packages arrive when expected.



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