Sunday, May 02, 2004

Software Upgrade

Ahhhh the age old question with software, when to upgrade.

IMO software upgrades should be done when they offer a compelling reason to do so. Two of the typically larger reasons being financially and/or competitively for your respective market(s). With these in mind, my upgrade path has been waiting for two recent releases of software; Architectural Desktop 2005 and VIZ 2005. These two products compliment each other in the architectural and visualization field, together they offer many reasons to consider upgrading and the ADT and VIZ development teams have done an outstanding job in their work on these products.

So far the ADT 2005 set-up and customization is going quite well and the first phase will be complete in the next few days. While this has taken the bulk of my time this past week, in order to get a turn key customized system set-up and ready to distribute, the second phase is the most exciting, for me, as it includes some new features that I have been anxious to get into the hands of our users to increase productivity, reduce redundancy and at the same time ensuring office cad standards are followed by users of all skill levels.

If you are working on either software package upgrade listed above drop me an e-mail and let me know your progress, as I would love to hear your stories and experiences (both positive and negative).

More updates to come soon...

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