Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Playing with Blogger

So over the past few hours during conference calls I have been continuing to play with the latest technology release from blogger called Blogger Play. There are some incredible images that people are posting, I could see where this would be a good art/photo display at HQ. A better description from the blogger team is below:

Blogger Play will show you a never-ending stream of images that were just uploaded to public Blogger blogs. You can click the image to be taken directly to the blog post it was uploaded to, or click “show info” to see an overlay with the post title, a snippet of the body, and some profile information about the blogger who uploaded it.

* Update: This morning shortly after this post a comment was posted stating that my upgrade issue from 9 months ago is now fixed.. a quick check to a few older posts and it seems to be the case. Many thanks for the assistance/notice and of course the fix... :)

My original opening paragraph below (since I could not find a text tool to do a strike-through):
Despite waiting for the blogger support team to assist with a technical upgrade snafu on their end for the last 9 months (blogger support if your reading this, help), their latest release Blogger Play is a fun way to pass the time while waiting for the fix.



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