Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What is the length in Revit?

If you want an additional tool at your disposal for inputting distances look no further than the existing Revit "distance box".

Scenario: You have an existing piece of equipment/furniture and you wish to copy another set by a calculatable measure. In this case we want to take a known distance and divide it without a calculator. Start by selecting your object(s) to copy, copy then pick a start point. Here is the "trick" portion of this. Instead of picking a second distance you can simply start typing '='. This puts the distance box in formula mode.

In the image below I took the game table and divided by a known distance (=24'/3).

My example is a simple one, of course I could have just typed 8' but you start to see how this can be used in a more complicated example. Other characters that work: +, -, * & /. I found this little trick by accident after working with Excel pretty heavily over the past few days.
If you come up with a really creative example/use please post back.



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